Leadership Consulting and Coaching

LEAD strategically * ENHANCE COMMUNICATION * NAVIGATE career progression




For Employees, Membership Organizations

Sessions can be tailored to meet the needs of specific audiences. Workshops are interactive and allow participants to adapt the material to meet their own needs and enhance their current work experience.

Sample of offerings:

+Executive Decision Making and Implementation

+Building Trust in the Workplace

+Navigating Transition

+Creating and Delivering Public Presentations

+Refining Elevator Speeches

+Understanding Sponsorship vs. Mentorship

+Soliciting and Receiving Performance Feedback


Individual Coaching 

For Executives, Corporate Leaders, Entrepreneurs, Individuals

Individual coaching arrangements are tailored to the client and are focused on enhancing one area of performance at a time. By thoroughly exploring a strength or area for improvement, we are able to implement strategies to overcome challenges, create clear action plans, and cement positive change. The client and employer typically see significant progress/ growth by the end of the coaching engagement.

Sample of offerings:

+Building Executive Presence

+Strategic Career Navigation

+Becoming a More Effective Communicator

+Navigating Team Dynamics

+Enhancing Strategic Thinking

+Refining Public Speaking Skills

Group Coaching 

For Teams, Business Partners, Governing Bodies, Groups

Group Coaching allows people to benefit from individualized coaching in a team setting. Often grouped by themes, sessions focus on enhancing skills or overcoming challenges by sharing experiences, participating in team coaching, offering suggestions to one another and learning together.

+Wide range of topics tailored to small groups




Client Impact and Results

-Lead with strategic direction and conviction

-Augment executive presence

-Strategize building and growing a business

-Communicate effectively at work and at home

-Determine career moves or smartly navigate transition

-Set and achieve professional and personal goals



I have been working with Sarah for several months now and find her to be an incredible coach. She asks all the right questions that force me to figure out for myself what changes I need to make in order to reach my goals. She has been incredibly helpful in supporting me with time management issues --she has given me tools that help make me very efficient with my very limited time. Indeed, her support has helped me run my business, my home, and prioritize all of the projects on my plate. Sarah is pleasant and flexible and I look forward to our weekly sessions. -Lisa G.


It has been a great experience working with Sarah! She helped us craft our company mission and statement as well as a concise and effective elevator pitch. She was extremely supportive and motivational in her approach, but also had great tactical and actionable tips. I loved the printouts she prepared for our meetings as well as her follow-up and guidance after our sessions. Sarah is seasoned, discreet, and highly professional and I recommend her without hesitation to others.  – Germaine C.


I've been working with Sarah on a regular basis for over six weeks and the benefits of her coaching have already manifested in my day-to-day communication. Sarah is surely a competent coach, more than that, though, she is kind, compassionate, and makes the sessions feel really comfortable. Frequently, we're breaking long-standing patterns of behavior, which can be difficult. However, Sarah's affable way makes the sessions something to which I look forward, and, consequently, the difficult work becomes a little easier, too.  I really look forward to continuing the work with Sarah and parlaying it into other aspects of my life and work.. -Ken F.


Having Sarah as a coach was extremely helpful for me in working through some complex personal and professional issues as well as support me in setting and reaching my health goals. Sarah always asks great questions that force me to dig deep into issues and bring to light things I never considered. With Sarah's assistance in the health realm, I was able to use data from my fitbit to continuously set small incremental goals. Over time, I had significantly increased my activity levels. Sarah's encouragement and support truly helped me to move into a better place in several aspects of my life. I highly recommend working with Sarah to support you in making positive changes in your life. -Donna V.


Through our weekly sessions, Sarah helped me realize I possess the tools to make changes in my life. She asked specific questions, listened patiently as I spoke, and suggested small, doable steps to reach my goals.  I felt accountable to her and to myself each week.  Sarah helped me realize my feelings about certain behaviors and how making small changes in my life empowers me to approach larger goals. -Jeanne W.

Leadership Insights Blog- Excerpts

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About Sarah

Are you an accomplished professional or individual who wants to experience even greater success?  If so, I'd love to connect. I have a passion for leadership, motivating people, and inspiring excellence at all levels.

My coaching and consulting areas of focus are leadership development, enhancing communication, and smartly navigating career progression. My clients are successful people and organizations --entrepreneurs to established institutions-- driven to make a difference through their professional work or other pursuits. I partner with individuals and management teams to devise plans to build on existing strengths, to formulate programs that develop skills and behaviors linked to increased productivity, and to enact changes that result in profound professional and personal success.

In working with clients, I draw on my extensive leadership, communication, and educational experience. I have a Masters Degree in international relations, have worked as a journalist at the United Nations in New York, and have served in various senior positions for the federal government in Washington, DC leading large numbers of people and directing significant programs.  Leveraging my leadership and work experience, I was pleased to earn the designation of certified professional coach (CPC) and also am certified in the Energy Leadership Index Assessment. 

I offer consulting services, coaching, and training programs focused on enhancing leadership at all levels.  Please contact me below to discuss the possibility of working together and to plan the next steps on your path to greater success!



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